3 Important Questions to Ask Your Dental
Hygienist [infographic]

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Every time you visit one of our dental clinics, a dental hygienist will oversee your cleaning appointment and your care. At the start of your appointment, your hygienist will spend some time making sure your medication and general info is all up to date. After your exam and cleaning concludes, we recommend asking your hygienist a few questions. If it’s been a while since your last cleaning, contact us at Georgian Shores Dental Centre to set up your next appointment!

3 Important Questions to Ask Your Dental Hygienist [infographic]
  1. What can I do to improve my oral health? Your dental hygienist will be able to offer some individualized suggestions about where you can improve your oral health. These can be anything from flossing more to brushing differently, altering your diet, or making other lifestyle modifications.
  2. Why do my teeth feel sensitive? If hot or cold food/drinks irritate your teeth and cause pain, your dental hygienist can provide suggestions on how to help. For instance, they may suggest using a different toothpaste, avoiding acidic foods, or having a sealant applied to your teeth.
  3. Do you notice anything unusual I should be aware of? During every appointment, your hygienist gets a pretty good look at your teeth and gums, so they can give you suggestions regarding your overall oral care needs. Prevention is key, so asking if they noticed any irregularities and whether you need a follow-up appointment can help you better understand what’s going on in your mouth.