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DentistMost dentists will probably tell you that you should avoid sweets whenever possible. Although this isn’t bad advice, the amount of sweet food you eat is not as important as how long sugary substances remain on your teeth after you consume a treat. To prevent your teeth from being harmed by sweets, try to eat sweet foods at mealtimes instead of snacking on sugar throughout the day. If you brush your teeth after each meal, this will greatly reduce the amount of sugar that remains on your teeth.

When you come in to see a dentist at our family dental office, they will emphasize how important it is to eat foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals for the sake of your teeth.

Babies, children, and adults need to consume a well-balanced diet to aid tooth development and future dental health. Fluoride is an important mineral that can prevent tooth decay and harden the enamel on your teeth. Using a fluoridated toothpaste and having a fluoride treatment applied after your hygiene cleaning is your best defense.

Give us a call at Georgian Shores Dental Centre today. Remember, visiting with your dentist regularly in addition to eating the right foods can help you ensure the health of your teeth for many years to come.