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If you feel like a few of your teeth are less than perfect, dental crowns are one form of cosmetic dentistry that can transform the overall look of your smile. Dental crowns are synthetic caps, usually made out of a material like porcelain, that are directly placed onto the top of a tooth.

Dental Crowns can be a Highly Beneficial Form of Cosmetic Dentistry

Common Uses for Crowns

Dental crowns and toothThis form of cosmetic dentistry is typically used to restore the appearance and function of a tooth after a procedure like a root canal is done. Crowns help to strengthen and protect your tooth just like a helmet protects your head.  Large fillings are often not strong enough to put up with years of chewing and grinding.  With proper care, dental crowns last longer than fillings do, and can help eliminate repeated dental work.

When tooth decay has become so advanced that a large portion of an affected tooth must be removed, a crown can be used to help the tooth look as normal and natural as possible. Dental crowns can also be used to prevent a cracked tooth from becoming worse, help restore worn or ground-down teeth, fill in spaces between teeth and camouflage tipped or crooked teeth.

Caring for Your Crown

After you undergo a cosmetic dentistry procedure to have a new crown put on, it is essential that you take certain steps after the procedure is completed to preserve it. At Georgian Shores Dental Centre, we recommend that you continue to brush and floss around your crown just like you would with your natural teeth.  Regular hygiene visits and dental check-ups are also important to ensure your investment remains sound.  You wouldn’t buy a new car and not have your oil changed regularly, would you?