Everything You Need To Know About Dental Veneers

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Are you unhappy with your smile, and you’re considering dental veneers? Veneers are a great option to give you that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. However, veneers are an investment, and there is important information to note before you make your decision. Here’s everything you need to know about dental veneers.

Everything You Need To Know About Dental Veneers
  • How Do They Work? – Veneers are custom shells made of ceramic (porcelain) that are bonded to your teeth. The ceramic shells are tinted to a whiteness that is complementary to your skin tone and looks natural. Typical candidates for veneers are those with deeply stained teeth, mismatched teeth, or chipped / cracked teeth.
  • What To Expect – You should know that getting veneers is a process and requires multiple visits. You’ll first have a consultation with your dentist to confirm that you are a good candidate. If you need dental work done such as fillings or implants, this will be done prior to receiving your veneers. To prep your teeth, your dentist will shave off a thin layer of your enamel, take an impression of your teeth, and give you temporary veneers until your permanent veneers arrive. This trial period allows you to get a feel of what your permanent veneers will be like and if you like the color. Once your veneers arrive, your dentist will schedule an appointment to have your temporary veneers removed and your permanent veneers applied using bonding cement.
  • Care – After your new veneers are placed, it may take some time to get used to them. Your mouth will be sore for a few days, and your teeth may be sensitive. Care for your new teeth just like you would normally. This includes brushing your teeth regularly, flossing, and avoiding foods that may chip your teeth.
  • Cost – Veneers are an investment. The cost of your veneers will depend on your insurance policy, but it’s rare that insurance will cover the cost of veneers since it is considered a cosmetic procedure. Always discuss with your dentist what your financing options are before choosing veneers.

We hope this information will give you a good idea if veneers are right for you. If you have any questions regarding veneers and the services we provide, please contact us at Georgian Shores Dental Centre today!