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At Georgian Shores Dental Centre, we are a family dentistry provider that is here to help your entire family maintain the health of their teeth and gums. If you recently scheduled an appointment with our family dentistry office for your child and it is their first time receiving dental care, there are a few things you can do to ensure the success of the visit.

Family Dentistry: Making Your Child’s First Visit to the Dentist a Success

  • Lead by Example- When you come in for your next dentist appointment at our office, you may want to consider bringing your child along with you. This way, they can get a better feel for what going to the dentist is like and understand more about what will happen when it is their turn to see the dentist.
  • Family DentistryPrepare for the Visit- Before your child’s first visit to our family dentistry office, you might want to spend some time talking to them about what will happen and why it is important to visit the dentist. Many great books and online resources exist that you can go over with your child to help them better understand what it is like to see the dentist.
  • Stay Calm- When your child sees a dentist at our office for the first time, they may panic, cry, or feel nervous. Instead of trying to stop your child from experiencing these feelings, we recommend being calm and reassuring. You may also wish to bring a comfort item for your child, such as a favorite stuffed animal or small blanket they can hold during their exam.