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Dental ClinicIt has to happen – your child has to go to a dental appointment. But often you experience a crying, panic-stricken event even at the mention of going to the dental clinic. What can you possibly do to help your child overcome their fears? At Georgian Shores Dental Centre, we understand your child’s visit to the dentist can produce anxiety, but we’ve provided five ways you can help your child achieve a positive experience when they come to their appointment with us.

  1. Recommendations – Asking around town for recommendations for dental clinics that have a reputation as being great with kids is a step in the right direction. Your child may feel better knowing they are going to a different clinic this time around.
  2. Talk It Out – The more you talk about oral health care – brushing, flossing, AND seeing the dentist – will make visiting a dental clinic less stressful.
  3. Ask the Dentist – If your child seems to be exhibiting anxiety, schedule a meet and greet and let the dentist answer any questions they may have. You may want to just visit the office without having any cleanings done just to alleviate their fears.
  4. Control Your Emotions – If you as a parent have fears about going to the dental clinic, this can be a catalyst for fear with your child. Make sure to keep your own anxiety under wraps, so they can have successful visits. (Of course, a great dentist will work to alleviate your fears, as well!)
  5. It’s Normal – Remember that being afraid of new things like going to the dental clinic are normal, and once your child has acclimated to a dentist office environment, they will find that it isn’t so scary after all.