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Getting Your Child Ready for Their First Trip to Your Family Dental Centre

A child’s first trip to your family dental centre is a momentous occasion. All children probably experience some level of anxiety about going to a new place like the dentist, but with the right preparation, they can have a great first visit. A positive experience at your family dental centre can encourage good lifelong oral hygiene habits.

Here are some things to remember when you are preparing to take your child to your family dental centre for the first time:

  • Bring a list of medicines: Some medicines can affect dental health, so it is important for a dentist to know any medicines that a child is taking.
  • Be prepared to complete a health history: If your child has any ongoing medical concerns, be sure to share that with your family dental centre.
  • Discuss sucking habits: Many young children have sucking habits like their thumb, fingers or a pacifier. Each child is different, but the earlier you can curb your child’s need to suck, the better it is for the formation of their mouth and teeth.

During your child’s first visit, the focus will probably be on making them comfortable in their surroundings. You may save a dental cleaning for the second visit. Your dentist may use models to discuss good brushing with your child, and explain the steps of a dental checkup and the tools that will be used. Your child may be given a chance to ask questions. You can help your child’s dental health at home by switching to a new toothbrush every few months, monitoring brushing habits and reducing the consumption of sugary foods.