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When you come and see a dentist at our office, it may seem like everything is a blur, especially if you are a new patient. While we will do our best to ensure that the time you spend with us at our office is beneficial, there are a few things you can do to get more out of the time you spend at the dentist.
How to Get More Out of Your Next Trip to the Dentist
First, we recommend coming prepared with a list of questions or concerns you have for your dentist. For example, you should mention any tooth pain or unusual sensitivity you are experiencing either when you eat or just as you go about your daily activities.

DentistSecond, you should make sure that the dentist you see is fully aware of your medical history, and that you provide up-to-date information. This is because the systems of the body are highly interconnected, and oftentimes, issues with other parts of your body can trigger problems with your dental health. As part of this, it is also recommended to bring a list of medications or supplements you take. Even if you do not think the medications you take could cause dental problems, it is still good for your dentist to be aware.

Finally, come prepared to your dental appointment ready to find out what you can do to better take care of your teeth. When you do your part to make your dental hygiene efforts more effective along with the help of your dentist, you will have a better chance of preserving your overall oral health.