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Although bonded fillings typically last for many years, nothing lasts forever. When you come in to see us at Georgian Shores Dental Centre, we will examine your previous fillings at your checkup appointments to determine if they are cracked, leaking, or if decay has started to develop underneath one of the fillings. We strongly encourage you to make an appointment with us if:

  • One of the teeth in your mouth becomes extremely sensitive.
  • You notice a crack in one of your teeth.
  • A filling or a part of a filling appears to be missing.

How to Make Your Bonded Fillings Last as Long as Possible

To enhance the lifespan of your bonded fillings, it’s important that you visit us regularly for cleanings, floss your teeth once a day, and also brush your teeth with a fluoride toothpaste.  If you are at high risk of developing cavities, we will discuss the things you can do to help prevent cavities, such as changing your diet or even brushing with a high fluoride toothpaste. We may also apply a fluoride treatment around your teeth when you come in for visits to prevent cavities from developing.

Bonded fillings can also be an inexpensive way to fix minor chips in your teeth or to close small spaces between your teeth.  Come visit as at Georgian Shores Dental Centre in Collingwood or Midland to discuss how we can help you smile confidently!!