Key Signs You Might Need a Bonded Filling [infographic]

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When you hear the word “filling” in relation to dentistry, you might immediately think of cavities. Although bonded fillings can sometimes be used to fill dental cavities, they can also be used for purely cosmetic reasons, too.

Key Signs You Might Need a Bonded Filling

At Georgian Shores Dental Centre, our skilled and compassionate professionals can perform a bonded filling procedure if:

  • You chip or break a tooth. Bonded fillings use tooth-coloured resin and a special light in order to bond the material to the surface of your tooth. This can help protect a chipped or cracked tooth from further damage.
  • You need an old filling replaced. If you had a cavity several years ago, it may have been filled with an unsightly metal filling. Today, we offer natural-looking fillings that will blend in with the rest of your teeth.
  • Your gums are receding. Sometimes, the root of a tooth may be exposed if the gumline recedes too much. This can be incredibly painful, so it’s crucial to protect the root of your tooth. The hardened resin of a bonded filling will close the gap between your gumline and the actual tooth, so the root is covered.
  • You have a tooth gap. While a gap between your teeth isn’t harmful, it can still impact your self-esteem. If you’d like to close a gap between two teeth or replace a missing or broken tooth, a bonded filling is a great option.
  • You want to enhance your smile. Bonded fillings can be customized to suit a variety of lengths, shapes, and colors, so you can achieve the perfect smile. If your teeth are uneven or discolored, bonded fillings can be used to lengthen your teeth and make them appear whiter.