Top Signs You Need Dental Services

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It’s not uncommon to feel tooth sensitivity every now and then. However, there comes a point when you need to go see a dentist. To help guide you, here are the top signs that you are in need of dental services.

Top Signs You Need Dental Services
  • Pain – If you’re feeling any kind of oral pain, you likely need dental services. This includes toothaches, jaw pain, tooth sensitivity, pressure, and sharp or throbbing pain. You shouldn’t have to suffer through this discomfort. Call your dentist today to get down to the problem.
  • Inflamed Gums – If your gums are inflamed, puffy, or bleeding, especially when you floss, call your dentist today. Inflamed gums are a sign of gum disease, so contact your dentist for guidance on how to navigate sensitive gums and how to keep them healthy.
  • You’ve Had Work Done – If you’ve had a filling, a crown, dentures, or dental implants and you are feeling pain by the general area where work was done, contact your dentist. In certain circumstances, it can be normal to experience pain and discomfort for a few days after you’ve had work done. However, in some cases, pain is an indicator that something is wrong, so call your dentist for guidance.
  • It’s Been a While – If you’re experiencing issues with your teeth and you haven’t seen the dentist in a while, schedule a check-up. If you’re due for a dental check-up anyway, call and set up an appointment. Your dentist can give you a general examination and investigate any discomfort you’ve been feeling.

We hope these signs will help you determine if you are in need of dental services. If you have any questions regarding our dental services, contact us today at Georgian Shores Dental Centre!