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Dental HygienistWhen you come in for an appointment at our office, a dental hygienist from our team will likely start off your checkup by thoroughly cleaning your teeth. While every dental hygienist on staff at our office does dental cleanings as one of their main responsibilities, what many people don’t realize is that their hygienist can also be a great source of information. This is why we recommend letting your dental hygienist know a few key things before they start cleaning your teeth:

  • Are there any problem spots in your mouth? For example, are you having a hard time flossing in a certain area, or does a certain tooth hurt when you chew? Let your dental hygienist know, and they might be able to give you tips and tricks for relieving your pain and keeping your smile in great shape.
  • When was the last time you had a dental appointment? This is helpful information for your dental hygienist to know because they can use it to identify problems with your teeth. For example, if there is an excessive amount of plaque on your teeth even though you come to the dentist regularly, this may be indicative of a larger problem.
  • Do you want to know what you can do to take better care of your teeth? Your dental hygienist wants your teeth and gums to be healthy, and they know what you can do to make this happen. For example, they might recommend certain flossing strategies, using an electric toothbrush, or using a specific type of mouthwash in the morning and/or at night.