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We provide various cosmetic dental solutions, like crowns & bridges, in the Midland or Collingwood, ON area.

At Georgian Shores Dental Centre, we’re here to help you attain and maintain a beautiful smile for many years to come. One of the ways we do this is by providing various cosmetic solutions, like crowns & bridges, in the Midland or Collingwood, Ontario area. Unlike removable dental devices (like dentures), crowns & bridges are cemented onto the existing teeth in your mouth and are permanent additions.

Crowns & Bridges in Midland & Collingwood , Ontario

There are some situations in which a crown will work best, and others in which a bridge is the best solution. We may recommend the use of a crown if:

   We need to replace a large filling in one of your teeth, but the remaining tooth isn’t big enough to support the new filling
   We want to prevent a weak tooth in your mouth from fracturing
   You desire to cover up a poorly shaped or discoloured tooth in your mouth
   We need to protect one of your teeth after performing a root canal

Comparatively, we may recommend putting in a bridge if you are missing one or more teeth. If gaps in your teeth remain untreated, your remaining teeth will shift to the open space, causing an incorrect bite to develop. This imbalance can lead to serious dental problems, like gum disease.

Four Benefits of Dental Crowns

If you want to transform the look and feel of your smile, we are here to help. To receive more information about crowns & bridges and to find out if you are a good candidate for either of these cosmetic options, please contact us today.

At Georgian Shores Dental Centre, we offer crowns & bridges at our Midland and Collingwood dental clinics for residents of Collingwood, Creemore, Midland, Nottawa, Penetanguishene, Perkinsfield, Port McNicoll, Stayner, Thornbury, Victoria Harbour, Wasaga Beach, and Wyevale, Ontario.


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