Midland Team

Dr. Raf Bartosiak

Dr. Dieter Fruehwirth

Dr. Linda Reid

Amanda (Office Manager)

Tanya (Dental Treatment Coordinator)

Angela (Dental Treatment Coordiantor)

Donna (Dental Receptionist)

Tracey (Dental Receptionist)

Suzie (Dental Hygienist)

Tracy (Dental Hygienist)

Kate (Dental Hygienist)

Kelsey (Dental Hygienist)

Mallory (Dental Hygienist)

Aundrea (Dental Hygienist)

Taylor (Dental Hygienist)

Vikki (Dental Assistant)

Hali (Dental Assistant)

Kim (Dental Assistant)

Kristy (Dental Assistant)

Kirsten (Sterilization Assistant )

Collingwood Team

Dr. Peter Roberts

Melissa (Office Manager)

Hailey (Dental Hygienist)

Julie (Dental Assistant)

Chantelle (Dental Hygienist)

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About Georgian Shores Dental Centre

At Georgian Shores Dental Centre, with locations in Midland, and Collingwood, we’re here to change the way you think about going to the dentist and ultimately provide you with all of the services you could ever need to maintain a bright, vibrant, and beautiful smile.