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We can make your next tooth extraction a simple process.

Tooth extractions are a common type of dental procedure that involves removing a tooth from the mouth. At Georgian Shores Dental Centre, we do tooth extractions at our practice, and we will make sure that when you have us remove a tooth, the process goes as smoothly as possible.

Tooth Extractions in Thornbury, Ontario

There are many reasons why tooth extractions are needed, and they include some of the following:

  • A tooth becomes severely damaged or decayed, and it is no longer possible to save it with a crown or a filling
  • There is not enough space in the mouth for all your teeth, and room needs to be made for others
  • A tooth becomes infected, and it needs to be removed to prevent the infection from spreading to other teeth or the jawbone.

The process for tooth extractions is relatively straightforward. After numbing the area, we use specialized tools to remove the tooth from the jawbone. After the tooth is loose enough, we gently pull it out. In some cases, we made need to make an incision in the gum tissue to access the tooth. We will then place gauze over the socket to help stop the bleeding and provide you with instructions for aftercare.

We do not take the decision to remove a tooth lightly but recommend it in cases where it is best for the health of your teeth and gums. We provide dental services to patients from throughout the Thornbury, Ontario area and are here to make going to the dentist a good experience. Contact us today to set up a dental appointment.

At Georgian Shores Dental Centre, we perform tooth extractions at our Midland and Collingwood dental clinics for residents of Collingwood, Creemore, Midland, Nottawa, Penetanguishene, Perkinsfield, Port McNicoll, Stayner, Thornbury, Victoria Harbour, Wasaga Beach, and Wyevale, Ontario.